Auxiliaries Equipments


  • lndusfriol Type wifh high pressure (1 :5 proporfionol)
  • All kinds of fluids (fuel-oil, 6 no fuel-oil, diesel) natural gas and LPG con be used
  • Air/fuel ratio, flame lenglh, suclion, efc. are controlled from confrol cabin
  • Complete combustion provides low NOX, CO emission, high efficiency and low fuel consumption
  • Firing is done by LPG. If fuel-oil is used fuel, burner is started with diesel oil and also finished with diesel oil securely
  • Roll system provides easy maintaine and repair

Thermal Oil Heater

  • 500.000 - 1.500.00 kcal/h capacities
  • It can be used separately from control cabin
  • It can be run or run out by automatic min-max temperature control time
  • High-low pressure control
  • Level gauge for thermal-oil. aural / optic warning system
  • Thermal oil circulation pump
  • Front Hinged cover for easy maintenance
  • High efficiency

Modified Bitumen Tank

  • There shall be 2 pieces 50 kW and 12 pieces 0,75 kW capacity heaters.
  • Motor power of mixer shall be 15 kW
  • It is designed as 2900 mm internal diameter and 3500 mm as external diameter.
  • Its height shall be approximately 14.000 mm
  • There shall be inlet-outlet ports, separate drain plug, charging hole, maintenance cover, air conditioning, ladder, platform, level indicator (with pressure sensor) and lifting hooks for the tanks as compatible with the standards.
  • There shall be adequate amount load bearing construction under tanks as compatible with the Standards and no separate concrete etc., base plate shall be estimated for the unit.
  • Outer surface of tank shall be painted with heat resistant primer before isolation, it shall be isolated with rock wool and its upper surface shall be coated with galvanized sheet.

Hot Material Silo

  • Low type(lateral) or tower type(under mixer)
  • Perfect isolation for protection of heat transfer
  • Heating systems for discharging gates
  • Pneumatic controlled discharging gates
  • Height of discharge is 3.500 mm

Stone Mastic Unit

  • Stone mastic weigher will make at least 2 units weighing operation with load-cell.
  • Additive transfer to the silo by spire.
  • Conveying for mastic unit to mixer will be with blower.
  • Stone mastic scale, weighing and discharge values can be monitored from the control cabinet.
  • Weight unit capacity will be 500kg
  • Will be the silo maintenance and weather protection cover

Fuel Tanks

  • Protection of heat for o long time, perfect isolation
  • Hot oil serpentine system
  • It can be connected each other by 3 way valves
  • Level indicators
  • Heat control via by thermostatic valves
  • Jacketed bitumen pump
  • Jacketed piping
  • Bitumen feeding system with pneumatic 3 way
  • Vertical or horizontal alternative