Human Resources Policy

Çesan, is a unitary with its employees and values. We are a large and strong family. We know that the key to our possessed success is the family we built with our employees. Therefore, employees are the most important riches of our company and have the basis of growing success of the company.

Human Resources Policy of Çesan;

As Çesan family, we believe that success can only be gained by a good team work. We consider our Human Resources as our great value and we aim to increase this with the integration of new professionals who are willing to share the same focus and ambition with us.

We desire the new members’ integrating our family to be; Innovative, Responsible, Foreseeing, Client and Quality Oriented, Hardworking, Believe in Team Work, High Communication and Planning Skills

Recruitment and Career

When a recruitment need arises for a new position in line with strategies and objectives of our company, internal and external resources are evaluated considering the job definition and competencies required for the position. The detailed informations about the position are announced through our web site and recruitment web sites. The applicants complying with our needs are invited for interview. Compliance test for quality profile is achieved during the interview and the applicants suitable for the position are invited to be a member of Çesan family after their references are reviewed. Job opportunities in different positions for newly graduates are available in Çesan as well. The “duty compliance” principle is precisely followed in all recruitments.