Çesan Company Profile


We, Cesan Cevre A.Ş., would like to introduce ourselves, and try to investigate cooperation possibilities with your company. We are manufacturing Asphalt Plants and Concrete Batch Plants. We export more than 40 countries, with a high quality reputation in Middle and East Europe, North Africa.

What We Produce?

1 - Asphalt Plant Production Facilities & Relevant Equipment
  • Batch type stationary & mobile plants
  • Drum-mix type stationary & mobile plants
  • Thermal oil heater (ex-changers)
  • Linear operated burners (high pressure)
  • Bitumen and fuel tanks
2 - Wet Concrete Stationary & Mobile Batching Plants
  • Cement Silo
  • Equipments of Cement Silo
  • Cement Screw Conveyor
  • Silo Top Filter
3 - Dust Holder Systems
  • Reverse air-filters, back house system, cartridge filters, pocket filters
  • Jet-pulse type filters
  • Cyclones
4 - Air Coolers
  • Atmospheric type coolers
  • Water cooled gas channels

Full automatic reverse air dust holder filter/filtration facilities which have ability to perform from 1000 m3/h up to 1000000 m3/h.

In asphalt plants between the capacities 30 t/h and 400t/h using different alternatives as fixed and mobile. We are constructing manual, half automatic, full automatic computer controlled turnkey asphalt production facilities all over the World.

The asphalt plants are designed for obtaining products complying with the World standards. Most important feature of our design is providing the product in the most economical way and minimizing the operational and product provision costs in the rivalry environment way of the customer.

The dust held in the asphalt plant is re-evaluated in the system so that both the environment is protected and the dust held is added to mixture automatically in the amount that would increase the asphalt quality. All operations of asphalt plant are controlled from the computerized system.

As Çesan asphalt plants are designed in accordance with the World standards they are produced in modules, of which dimensions are suitable for transporting on trucks.

By following-up the fast growing technological developments, ÇESAN has fixed itself the goal to produce at “the highest quality level”, the designs that do suit the “best” its customers’ expectations and to become a world known brand by being an avant-garde. ÇESAN is giving priority to qualitative production and unconditional customer satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction. Our company is carrying on with success its journey through quality together with its highly qualified team, by making no concessions its continual progress philosophy and through the concept of quality strategy and goals, also making considerable investments within the field of investigation and development studies.

Çesan is on the way to protect being the leadership position in this sector. It is at the point where it targeted yesterday. We will continue to be the best in everything and will compete with our rivals in the World.

We will succeed because we believe…

Mission & Vision

CESAN vision is become a leader at Asphalt Plant sector, by gaining the trust of domestic and foreign market, and maintain an excellent after sale service and provide a unique relationship to clients.

CESAN mission is tracking the growing technology and create a tirangle about cost, time and quality. The purpose of CESAN triangle is;

  • Manufactor the Asphalt Plants without bring any enviromental problems.
  • Decrease the demand for foreign brands in domestic market.
  • Being the leader of Asphalt Plant sector.
  • Use our intelligence to supply the demands of our customers for globally and domestic needs and contribute for our improvement.

Quality Policy

ÇESAN Quality Policy: Following the growing technology about our products to become a leader of Asphalt Plant sector and provide every details, every demands of our clients , and reply back with a minimum amount of time and minimun cost, and create an unconditional remarkable after sales service.

CESAN own ISO 9001 : 2000 quality system certificate. CESAN products and services are prepared and documented with a necessary care to present fort he customer. CESAN primary policy is open up for World market and become a World wide company.

Chairman Message

Dearest Çesan Friends,

The 21st century, with its constantly changing conditions and a new balance which is created every day, is forcing us not to be just investors, but also to bring together quality production and security.

The newly found public awareness and peoples requirements have directed us to find the newest and best. Çesan, which has adopted this awareness since its foundation, is trying to use technology to implements products for the good of human and the environment.

Çesan, whose foundations we have build by setting a target and a jointed spirit, has development and prospered us since its foundation until today. It has grown stronger with power of determination and dedication, and has benefited and showed trust and stability to all. With the dynamism of knowledge, experience and courage, today Çesan, has become an industrial company which has been represented in the international arena by breeching out of its regional borders.

With no doubt, the major part of this success does go to our team members, who have knowledge in international level, experience and organizational spirit. Especially in 2011, our team members have accomplished very important work based on quality, dynamism, security and production at the top production. They have conducted work which, not only by managing the change by internal and external factors, but also by being pioneers for innovation.

Institutionalization has not been seen as a process that needs to be completed, but an understanding of constant change and innovation. We are expanding our team by giving more roles to the youth who are pioneers in the change. The trust we are having in our youth, is the key factor of the success of their roles which they carry out.

As Çesan, we will be continuing to create work which will be mindful for our contractor beneficiaries, such as production quality, purchasing and delivery times. Especially in 2012, where we will be seen the results of these actions, Çesan will be marching to a future with more efficiency, more profit and also growing faster.

My belief in the matter that Çesan, which is a company with 100% Turkish starting capital and the shining star of a developing and growing Turkey, will be marching to the future with constant growth together with you.

I want to thank to all out beneficiaries who are sharing our success with us.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart