Spare Parts

Fast, accurate, qualified and stable Spare Part Service

The key to Çesan spare part service’s success is based on creating customer satisfaction.

Çesan spare part service provides the below mentioned points to ensure customer needs;

  • Accurate and stable spare part inquiry and order system.
  • The best service is provided swiftly by personnel expert in their field with a sense of maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Provides accurate and fast product delivery service.
  • Intends to increase its percentage in finding equipment with its current and daily increasing stock keeping unit.
  • Provides ORIGINAL SPARE PART supply in the most economic way.

Analyses customer complaints, and intends to increase spare part service quality by acting swiftly.

Çesan A.Ş. Post - Sale Principles

In order to meet customer needs in the shortest period and in the most efficient way, Çesan adopted “Customer Satisfaction First” as a principle.

Its communication starting with technical consultancy, information and substantial solution, pre-sales is converted into a constant business partnership with productive, economic and continuous service provided to its customers during expected life of all products and continues to maintain by developing.

Cesan is still the leader in asphalt plant sector in terms of customer satisfaction with its customer oriented service sense and expert team, trying constantly to create value in all services after sales.

Spare Parts & Service

The technical services provided to our customers by Çesan with fast and optimum price policy, findable spare part, educated, experience, and competent expert team capable of substantial solution for errors are able to troubleshoot the errors in short time.

All the procedures within the context of technical service provide the transparency of the service rendered by presenting periods, expenses and causes of these procedures in detailed information with their causes.

With the service quality continued after the guarantee period, and product tracking by our expert and experienced team, we aim to reach 100% customer satisfaction and 100% success. We make sure that our customers are kept away from inexperienced and insufficient service.

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